We are very pleased with the entire experience!


December 12, 2023


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Robert came out and repaired our sprinkler system. I was not sure he would be able to, as the system was old and had not run in probably 10 years. Robert recognized the system immediately and was able to trouble shoot all the issues with the system. I was initially concerned what the final bill would be, as he charges an hourly rate. He had to leave briefly for a part, but did not count this into the time we were charged. He worked efficiently and was able to complete the entire job the same day. The project came in under budget. Robert communicated with us well throughout the project. This was particularly important because there were many issues that needed to be addressed and fixed. There were wiring issues with the system, the master board did not work, various components of the sprinkler heads were broken, and there was even a leak at part of the system. Robert systematically worked through each issue. We are very pleased with the entire experience! Robert took the time to show my husband how to program the new control panel and trouble shoot in the future.

Description of Work: Repair sprinkler system.